Leave me alone

i know you don’t want to be with me,

please stop with the i love you’s,

you don’t even know

what that meansdo you really think that

I’m a fooli cant make the person that i once loved bein a relationship that

i only dream of.


I decided for myself to not have you aroundso

why are you threatening mebeing so hateful and meantelling me this will get uglywhy are you being like thiswhat do you mean,

I hate that your deceitfuldishonest and untrustworthy,

a two-faced LYING jerk thatsforcing them selfs in my lifeI’m really trying to understandhow

you could be so selfish you just break my heart over and over again,

its better that your very far you see,

cause having you around just hurts me,

what don’t you understand.

i don’t want you around mei don’t want to be your friend,

and moments that i think of youi start to remember how you treated mewith no respect you’ve given meyou always would get rid of me,

please oh please just let me be free


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