If you would be mine

If you would be mine.
I wouldn’t have enough words to say
All the things I want to say
If I could have you by my side.
I wouldn’t have enough time
To do all the things I want to do
If you would be mine.

If you would be mine
I would love you dearly more than you can imagine.
And let you know that I won’t
Share my love with anyone but you.

If you would be mine
I would hold you in my arms
Close to my heart as if you are my soul
And let you know that my every heart beat is meant for you.

If you would be mine.
I would do anything for you
From climbing the highest mountain
To swimming the deepest sea, at least I will try

If you would be mine
I would sit by your side at your feet
And listen to every word you will ever say.
Till your words and voice be printed on the walls of my heart.

If you would be mine
I will always try
To see that you never cry.
All you pain and fear I will carry.

If you would be mine
I will be your truest friend
Share all your ups and downs
Cry and laugh with you whenever you do.

If you would be mine.
I promise I will be there by your side.
Forever, every single day the rest of our lives
With all my love just for you



The yells,
yells and screams,
unwanted dreams,
I’m never wanted,
as it seems.

My wrists,
Wrists with scars that show,
friends are the only ones,
that truly know.

sitting on my bed,
all the screams,
go through my head.

searching for my dreams,
just trying,
to ignore the screams.

falling, I am lost,
a broken heart,
that’s what it costs.

chances I try to take,
but each time I try,
my heart sure breaks.

sing and dance is what I do,
spend all my life,
trying to impress you.

gone, I’m all alone,
no one here to heal,
my heart of stone.

greatness is in my soul,
but when I speak out,
I become a fool.

people everywhere,
when I walk by,
they all just stare.

same, I want to shout,
they all fit in,
but I stand out.

running from my fears,
I have no one,
to wipe my tears.

Trusting in my heart,
somewhere in this world,
I’ll find my part.

Boom, my heart beats slow,
there will be a time,
when I shall glow.

cheering, I must not boast,
I owe it all,
to my ghost.

smile, I must not frown,
many people,
I can’t let down.

sometimes I pretend I’m okay,
I hold back the tears,
and just walk away.

so now my heart is stone,
wish someone could see,
that I’m all alone.


It happens to everyone as they grow up You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.”

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